Connoga 2013 Brony Rave Connoga 2013 Brony Rave DJing is hardz How many DJ's does it take to make sure your on the air, 3 apparently and we STILL had issues cause the station manager didn't set the encoder up right >< DJ and Steel where not amused with Jman Ryan >.> 193506751 DJ AJ working 193506752 Dedicated Fans These people where there for the whole 3 hour event! 193506753 DJ AJ working hard 193506754 Look Im Pinkie Pie He was fun and as soon as we threw the balloons out this is what happened 193506755 Free Stuff DJ AJ talking pony stuff and working the free stuff 193506756 Overbord This is what happens when you have an ADD Brony with Balloons! 193506758 193506759 DISCORD As with any rave who couldnt have some DISCORD! 193506760 Jman Ryan and AJ giving away stuff Drawing numbers for free stuff 193506761